Offsite Technologies

The Offsite Hub is an online information centre dedicated to keeping the world of offsite manufacturing and offsite technology connected. Offsite technologies are currently contributing to changing the built environment and, in turn, our culture and living spaces.

Precision and factory-controlled methods, products and systems are creating some of the most efficient and sustainable parts of the built environment. These are increasingly recognised in the new generation of buildings and are a critical element in easing the UK's housing crisis, as well as delivering much needed schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

Offsite manufacture removes much of the construction process from the construction site, leading to several efficiency. productivity and environmental benefits. These include 

  • Reduced onsite labour
  • Save weeks on project times
  • Reducing overheads
  • Better ROI for clients
  • Less waste
  • Less material used
  • Less onsite faults
  • Better health and safety
  • More environmentally friendly 

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There are many different technologies that provide the benefits of factory-controlled manufacture. These are driven by cutting-edge digital developments such as CAD/CNC, Building Information Modelling (BIM) software and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). These all work to provide new dimensions in building design.

If you are unfamiliar with offsite technologies and the way materials are used we have provided a handy overview of the common systems available. Find out more below: