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The Offsite Hub is your online information centre dedicated to connecting sectors in the world of offsite construction. As the UK moves towards more modern methods of construction (MMC), prefabrication and factory-based methods have never been more popular.

Offsite manufacturing methods offer a range of benefits from improved efficiency and shorter construction times to reduced cost and environmental benefits. These are just some of the reasons that make offsite construction such a hot topic in the industry. It is a contemporary solution to traditional construction problems around safety, build time and build quality. 

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The Offsite Hub is a pivotal resource offering news, project profiles case studies and industry opinion. We also provide a wider supply of technical information and learning resources tailored to professionals in the offsite sector and the wider construction industry. 
You will be able to use the Hub to access exclusive content and updates from Offsite Magazine, as well as all Offsite event information for the year ahead. Make sure you also have a look at our new for 2019 offsite construction blog! Written by experts in the offsite industry, it regularly answers the biggest questions around offsite technology and the latest developments in the sector.

These resources are essential for anyone in the industry who likes to stay up to date with the latest offsite industry trends and offsite technology developments.

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Welcome to the Offsite Hub Podcast where we discuss the latest trends and advances in offsite construction technology.

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