whg - Twinned It – Using BIM in Building Safety

Project Details

Project - Twinned It – Using BIM in Building Safety

Sector - Residential

Technology - 3D modelling/BIM  

Company - whg   

Project Overview

Making building information modelling processes mandatory on all high rise buildings is one of the proposals put forward by the government following last year's Hackitt Review of building and fire safety, set up following the fire at Grenfell Tower.
In anticipation of these new regulations, whg decided to spearhead an innovative BIM programme that would build computerised 3D models of all 17 of its high rise buildings.

This digital transformation of whg's stock portfolio had a key focus on Building Safety, and explored how new technology could be utilised to support fire safety management.

The project is still in its infancy, but has already been applauded by the fire service, who have commented that the technology will save them time in assessing incidents and help them make early decisions.

The content is also assisting in office based inspection and review of the buildings without having to visit site, saving time and minimising colleague's carbon footprint.

The project clearly meets the "Golden Thread" of information that will be required by the new building safety regulator under the recommendations of the Hackitt Report. whg is leading the way in adopting these new standards in anticipation of them becoming mandatory.

Find further information on whg on their website: https://www.whg.uk.com/