Wernick Buildings - Swansea University - 'Y Twyni'

Project Details

Project - Swansea University - 'Y Twyni'

Sector - Education

Technology - CLT/Offsite   

Company - Wernick Buildings

Project Overview

The delivery of Y Twyni on Swansea University's Bay Campus can be seen as an example of the high standards of quality and performance that can now be achieved using modular construction without compromising its key benefits of speed, accuracy, sustainability and cost efficiency.

Within the H-shaped structure lies eight spacious lecture suites, PC labs, quiet zones, the Student's Union and potential for a gym for up to 2,000 students. Folding partitions create flexibility, opening intimate teaching rooms into large lecture halls.

Wernick's Swiftplan® system allowed for greater versatility for the addition of architectural features. In the case of Y Twyni, these include curtain walling, which provides open, sun-drenched areas, and rain screen cladding, which gives the exterior a contemporary feel.

Opting for a modular building saved not only time but a significant amount of C02. Compared to a standard construction site, modular building projects result in 90% fewer vehicles on site, reduced generator usage and less waste for landfill.

Find further information on Wernick Buildings on their website: www.wernick.co.uk