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Project Details

Project - Passiv Innovations

Technology - Timber 

Company - WB Timber Innovations

Project Overview

The need for better performing buildings is clear and this is epitomised by the Passiv Haus standard, with challenging targets for for minimal annual energy usage and air-tightness.

Passivhaus buildings provide a high level of occupant comfort while using very little energy for heating and cooling. They are built with meticulous attention to detail and rigorous design and construction according to principles developed by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany and can be certified through an exacting quality assurance process.

At WB Timber Innovations we have seen more and more of our clients looking to meet such low energy standards and we therefore set about developing an offsite manufactured timber frame wall (or roof) panel system to meet these strict requirements.

It was also imperative that the construction would 'breathe' so as to improve indoor air quality and eliminate any potential for interstitial condensation in the fabric of the building.

Passiv Innovations has specifically been developed as an Off-Site system to allow architects / developers to specify a tested and robust approach to achieving these stringent performance levels with confidence.

Find further information on WB Timber Innovations on their website: www.timberinnovations.co.uk