Wallyford Stormwater Pumping Station - ID Systems

Project Details

Project - Wallyford Stormwater Pumping Station

Sector - Commercial

Technology - MEP & POD Technology

Company - ID Systems


Project Overview

IDS have successfully secured a framework with Scottish Water to manufacture modular wastewater pumping stations to a standard design that is compatible with Scottish Water specifications and Sewers for Scotland. By using this approach, housing developers can procure and install the pumping station knowing that it is adoptable by Scottish Water on completion, a distinct problem historically with many pumping stations being in service for several years but not being adopted due to issues of specification compliance. For this project, we were tasked with the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of an offsite build, surface water pumping station to mitigate the risk of flooding to nearby roads and houses and remove surface water from the adjacent SUDS basin 3, pumping to SUDS basin 2 approximately 1mile away.

Our Service and Delivery

• Detailed design of the pumping station and liaising directly with the client and Scottish Water

• Fully built in-house MCC control panel complete with Variable Speed Drives

• 18.5kw pumps installed with 200mm discharge pipework, including all valves and instrumentation

• Full installation and commissioning of the station

• Installation, configuration, and testing of telemetry

• Provision of the operation and maintenance manual

The pumping station consisted of 3 discrete modular items:

• HDPE spiralwound wet well, complete with 2 fitted pump duckfoot bends, internal rising pipes, pump lifting guiderails, inlet isolating penstock, access openings complete with galvanised covers incorporating fall-arrest provision, and penetration points for well inlet, pump outlet, drain inlet, and cable duct connections.

• A self-contained valve chamber with pipework, cable tray, instrumentation, and valves, again with access hatches as described for the pump well, and penetrations to allow
connection to the wet well tank and the control kiosk • A control kiosk fitted with a connection for an onsite power supply, control panel, telemetry unit, instrumentation, and building services. The three sub-assemblies were factory built and tested before delivery to site and installed over a 5- day window, reducing site time, allowing deep cavations to be back-filled quickly therefore removing health and safety risks, and improving quality as all assemblies were tested in the factory before delivery.