Vision Modular Systems / MJH Structural Engineers / Pocket Living - Mapleton Crescent

Project Details

Project - Mapleton Crescent
Sector - Housing
Technology - Steel
Company - Vision Modular Systems / MJH Structural Engineers / Pocket Living

Project Overview

Winner of 2018 Offsite Awards - Best Use of Steel Technology

Mapleton Crescent is manufactured with the VMS wall supported system which is at its most cost effective in to the mid 20 storey heights. Above this height VMS switch to the corner supported system. The system has received accreditation from various authorities and the engineering design has been verified by experts in the field. The system used in these modules has previously been used to construct the 25-storey modular building in Wolverhampton although the system is more efficient due to an almost continual process of refinement through R&D.

Once the engineering and buildability issues were understood and developed to a practical level the teams at MJH & VMS set about refining the system at every level through fabrication, manufacture, assembly and erection. Each element of the construction is inspected and reviewed to understand the requirements and determine where advancement can be achieved.

The system of building used in Mapleton is at the leading edge of this technology with very efficient structure, flexibility in the system that allows for changing layouts and robustness that rivals traditional build.

The connections have been designed to be flexible and allow a large variety of modular layouts and connectivity and with constant assessment these connections are also very efficient in terms of capacity and the resulting effort and time required on site. A high degree of efficiency versus time to connect is required to achieve the full potential and speed of erection that a good modular system should be capable of.

The majority of this development is affordable being sold at a minimum of 20% below the expected market value. It is the fourth building that VMS have manufactured and constructed for Pocket under this affordable scheme and shows both the cost effectiveness and quality of work through a repeat client.

The building is very slender and dynamic issues were solved with the modular solution, the building has roof gardens which add high loads to the upper level modules, changing layouts throughout, balconies attached to both modules and the concrete core, bespoke terracotta cladding. The resulting building has all residential areas and the majority of the circulation spaces completed to factory quality far exceeding what is normally achieved with the same effort and for the same cost on site.