VisiLean - Integrated lean & BIM processes for modulated construction

Project Details

Project - Integrated lean & BIM processes for modulated construction

Sector - Commerical

Technology - BIM   

Company - VisiLean  

Project Overview

Mace had already built 2 data centres of a similar size. VisiLean provided a new way of working using a complete digital solution. With the unique Lean processes built digitally, we were able to record a staggering 45% labour cost, 60% reduction in defects and 43% improvement in program efficiency.

Although lean construction is increasingly being applied on construction projects, applications that support its implementation on construction site remain limited. Production is significantly managed through manual processes and disparate systems. Previous case studies have proven that the use of BIM with lean practices during the construction phase improves the efficiency of planning. One of the major aspects of lean and BIM implementations is the support of the Last Planner System and tracking of production status to ensure production runs smoothly. While 4D planning has been used to support pre-construction planning and first run studies, it has had limited success with tracking real-time production status and supporting the Last Planner System.

The data centre project is being executed by Mace Ireland. It is a commercial development consisting of three single-storey data centres, split into three phases, to be powered by a purpose built 220kV Substation (also part of the campus), on a 95 hectares (Ha) greenfield site in Ireland. The data centre buildings include roof top mechanical equipment and measures up to 8.6m to the roof eaves with a parapet wall up to 9.1m and a roof mounted plant screen wall around the equipment up to 15.9m. The site infrastructure includes access roads, car parking, internal roads, entrance security hut, and a 220kV substation.

The 3rd phase of the project required the construction of a third single storey data centre building containing 4 data halls with a gross floor area of 25,400 m2 and in addition, an ancillary administration and office building of 4,360 m2 and associated parking.

Understanding the complexity of the project provides a backdrop to reviewing the effectiveness of adopting a BIM-Lean integrated solution aimed to provide transparency, visualisation, collaboration and administration ease to the project team members.

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