Project Details

Project - Ultrapanel 'Room in the Roof'

Sector - Residential 

Technology - Offsite

Company - Ultraframe

Project Overview 

Ultrapanel is a truly innovative patented ‘room in the roof’ system. The well-honed processes used in the manufacture of Ultrapanel are revolutionary in the house building market and have been designed to increase ROI by reducing build times and increasing saleable residential space by up to 60%.

Designed, precision engineered and fully offsite manufactured to order, Ultrapanel allows housebuilders to accelerate their build schedules and eradicate the risk of site delays. With lead times of just two weeks, Ultrapanel systems arrive flat packed ready to build without the use of a crane.

Ultrapanel features a unique optimised mix of materials (insulation, timber, steel) in one structural panel, with a high-performance insulated core. The patented connecting system delivers first-time precision, reducing the risk of defects. With lead times of only two-weeks, responsive just in time delivery schedules are adaptable to meet changing build programmes. Mass customisation techniques ensure simultaneous volume production of various roof types. The system is delivered as an easy-to-assemble kit of parts which provides productivity savings and ensures a consistent high quality finish every time.

See www.ultrapanel.co.uk