Totally Modular - Pilot Scheme for Citizen Housing - Littlethorpe Development

Project Details

Project - Pilot Scheme for Citizen Housing - Littlethorpe Development

Sector - Residential

Technology - BIM/DfMA   

Company - Totally Modular

Project Overview

The 'Littlethorpe' project was a modular pilot scheme for Citizen Housing. Totally Modular delivered a full turnkey solution whereby we transformed a redundant infill site, suffering from blight, into two new, eco energy efficient houses (1 X 2B4P, 1 X 3B5P).

Here's 3 key achievements that we believe makes our project a winner!

1) Demonstrated our offering as we transformed a non-commercially viable site for traditional developments into a commercially viable site for 2 energy, efficient, affordable homes (1 X 2B4P, 1 X 3B4P).

2) Final finished homes achieved EPC rating of 97 & 98 (A + Rating) which exceeded our expectations and national standard average being a D rating. It also has reduced the resident's fuel costs, allowing more disposable income to be readily available for them.

3) Speed of delivery from receipt of contract to delivery. The manufacturing of the houses only took 13 weeks, with a 2 day installation process.

This project transformed a redundant infill site into two new, highly energy efficient houses. The words of resident Mr Dair sum up the real value of the development "This has changed our lives", as he and his family lived in temporary accommodation before landing the 2B4P.

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