The Patented Window Bracket - Offsite Supplies

Project Details

Project - The Patented Window Bracket

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Components

Company - Offsite Supplies

Project Overview

The move to reduce the amount of work on site and produce more offsite using modern methods of construction is often hindered by the practicalities of transport to site and the related risks of damage. This is particularly apparent in the prefabrication of timber and steel frame buildings and the related installation of windows which means in the main they are installed onsite

Our simple and cost-effective bracket allows for the installation of the window in the factory and enables stacking for safe and economic transport. The benefits of fitting the windows in the factory are substantial both in direct and indirect savings. factory fitted windows are more cost effective, safer to install and therefore reduces health and safety risks as the window/ glass does not have to be lifted above ground level.

Improves site security as there are few or no open apertures once erected, this in turn reduces (major issue for timber frame structures) fire risk and water damage. This should assist in managing insurance cost and risk, simplifying fire safety measures since apertures do not need to boarded up in the factory saving on time both in factory and on site since these do not need to be removed prior to window install onsite, saving on both labour and waste timber costs

The building is ready for first fix trades to commence sooner. Reduces the risk from time delays in delivery and installation of windows onsite as they are now part of the frame order and delivery.