The MFS i-Form Solution - Masonry Frame Systems

Project Details

Project - The MFS I-Form Solution

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Concrete

Company - Masonry Frame Systems

Project Overview:

The MFS team have formulated an offsite construction rationale, which we trademarked as the MFS i-Form Solution™. We combine large scale calcium silicate elements and pre-cast concrete components with MMC methodology to drive forward the concept of P-DfMA for offsite manufacture and building design. Our suite of 'platforms', or standardised & repeatable offsite components, enable us to deliver a bespoke solution to the client's needs, in terms of building function and site demands.

Our entry for best use of Concrete Technology focuses on our MFS i-Form Solution™, which we trademarked in 2020 and is a highly engineered construction process, best described as a P-DfMA approach. Platforms for Design, Manufacture and Assembly:

1. PLATFORMS. This is a tried and tested suite of construction components - or standardised & repeatable platforms

2. DESIGN. Digitally designed in BIM to enable highly efficient construction and high performance buildings for end users – without any compromise to the architect’s vision.

3. MANUFACTURE. Over 90% of all components are manufactured offsite, using methods that minimise the reliance on cement in the pre-cast concrete components.

4. ASSEMBLY. Delivered as a complete Kit of Parts for easy, swift and cost effective onsite assembly, with 80% less labour and up to 200% faster than traditional builds Masonrty Frame Systems.

We are a specialist frame contractor with a big vision and with the i-Form Solution™ applied to everything that we design, manufacture & assemble.

We see the construction industry as a ‘low volume, high variety’ industry with pretty much every project unique or bespoke to its environment or surroundings. So, one of the big advantages of our system is that it can be tailored to each project, specifically. MFS i-FORM SOLUTION™ The i-Form Solution™ is a Masonry & PCC solution, combining the benefits of a suite of standardised calcium silicate or concrete components that can flex to bespoke designs, with all the cost, time and sustainability benefits of a volumetric or modular construction. Core to the i-Form Solution™ are Offsite Manufacture & Sustainability. By constructing the whole structural envelope of a building, from oversight to weather tight, using offsite methodology we can deliver time and money savings (typically 20% saving on the overall build programme) for our clients & high performance for our end users.

Sustainably. The challenge however, we still need to deliver thousands of new homes per year for the next decade to meet the demand a target we have not met since the 1960s and now with global pressures mounting, we are looking at an intensified skills shortage and a very real & increasing materials shortage. There are massive hurdles to overcome in the coming months or even years, including the biggest of all climate change.

Mark Farmer recently said “All waste has some kind of carbon footprint, so moving to a more efficient P-DfMA site assembly methods & driving waste out are as important as decarbonising concrete & steel manufacturing.”