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Project Details

Project - The Factory

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Components

Company - Explore Manufacturing

Project Overview

A total of 1792 precast units were modelled and shared with the design team for collaborative design approach. The fabrication drawings were created using automated drawing creation software developed in house at CEMC. All reinforcement was designed to suit the automated rebar cage fabrication process where possible and positioned to be clash free from other reinforcement as well as the billets and other cast in items, This information was digitally conveyed to the internal manufacturing facility at CEMC using a combination of 3d models and 2d drawings, QR codes on the fabrication drawings which could be accessed using fixed screens, tablets and mobile phones via trimble connect assisted in the delivery of information and reduced queries back to the detailing team, construction sequencing animations were produced and shared with the rebar installers to aid manufacture in complex areas In addition to the fabrication of the units the models and digital drawings were used by the quality team to review and record information