The Energy Project - Explore Manufacturing

Project Details

Project - The Energy Project

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Components

Company - Explore Manufacturing

Project Overview:

Laing O'Rourke introduced 'The Energy Project' in 2020 with the aim to support our people and teams by harnessing the principles of human energy management.

The Energy Project - safer through improvements in health and wellbeing. The construction industry is notoriously associated with long hours, shortened breaks and skipping meals through the working day. The Energy Project was designed to counteract these industry norms by providing the tools to work more effectively. It embeds an  understanding of the 4 dimensions of personal capacity; Physical Emotional, Mental and Purposeful. This initiative was launched at Explore Manufacturing in the summer of 2021 initially with the leadership team before being rolled out across the facility (circa 350 weekly paid employees) and has proven to be an incredibly positive and meaningful
initiative for our people and our business. The timing of session after the tumultuous previous 18 months through the pandemic provided an opportunity to re-engage as a team and refocus on ourselves and the business.

We are committed to building a culture that fuels sustainable high performance by embedding the energy principles into our operations, giving all of our people the tools to harness the principles of human energy management in order to create new and more effective ways of working to improve overall health and wellbeing. With more engaged, focused and energised employees the business is in a position to collaboratively strive for high performance in everything that we do including importantly our Safety performance.

Throughout the Energy Project the crossover with elite level sport was often referenced and in March 2022 the leadership team were invited to meet with the British Olympic Swimming Team Lead Coach at Loughborough.