Project Details

Project - TENMAT Masonry Support Bracket Cover Plate MSC & VFB Plus Fire Barrier System For Wall Cavities

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Components

Company - TENMAT

Project Overview

The CavGuard MSC and VFB Plus ventilated intumescent fire barrier system (referred as the product from this point), is a combination of products which allow a full and  uninterrupted fire barrier to fitted between the outer masonry façade and inner leaf of a building. The product allows a full linear open ventilation gap of up to 44mm behind the façade.

Uniquely, the product does not have breaks in the fire barrier where the masonry supports brackets are fitted and so ensures that no fire can spread via such breaks,  misalignments or gaps. The product has been fully fire tested at UKAS approved test centres in a multitude of construction types and is rated as having 120 minutes integrity and insulation which far exceeds to current Building regulation requirements and improves the safety of building occupants and makes the product stand out in the  marketplace.

In addition to the supreme fire performance, the product is also unique in that all of the active intumescent content of the product has been classified as Low Smoke, Zero Halogen, this minimise the amount of toxic fumes generated in a fire, again improving occupant safety and the safety of ant fire fighter entering the building. The product has been specifically designed to be fitted “offsite” minimising the amount of time and skilled labour used on-site and to speed up the construction process.

This simple product combination negates the requirement of cavity trays, unsightly weep holes, cavity socks and air bricks at intermediate floor levels and allows the cavity to remain largely open with minimal bridging, thus improving acoustic and thermal performance of the construction.