Willmott Dixon - Sunesis

Project Details

Project - Sunesis
Sector - Public and private sector
Architect - Willmott Dixon
Technology - Timber

Project Overview

Sunesis is not a specific form of construction, flat pack or portable cabin type building. Sunesis is the synergy of a variety of understood building systems, integrated into construction designs to capitalise on the attributes of each, to produce the best offsite solution for a customer's individual education requirements.

Developed to industry standard BIM Level 2 - all Sunesis designs have been engineered to represent an optimum point between efficiency, cost in use and design. The result is a range of innovative pre-designed school buildings, delivering best value and outstanding learning environments at commercially leading prices. Each design has a defined layout, an upfront specification and a known time to construct. This enables us to offer our products on an all-inclusive lump sum basis.

Each base design can be customised by selecting optional extras. These include alternative cladding treatments of timber or brickwork, internal finishes and even items such as loose furniture and ICT.

Our model schools are proven, and unlike bespoke buildings, where outcomes are often unknown and design decisions are made in-situ, every Sunesis school offers certainty engineered into every metre.

Sunesis models have been tested and proven to ensure clients will not face any obstacles, delays or problems associated with their design. Recognised by regulatory bodies, insurers and Building Regulations - the design and construction is pre-approved and certified to: BB103/99, BB93, BB101 & BREEAM.

Energy performance monitoring studies, completed across six different Sunesis primary schools over the last 3 years, have shown that the actual in use energy performance:

1. Achieved better actual performance than target values in all cases, with an average of 18%
less energy usage than predicted.

2. Achieved similar or better performance that design target benchmarks set by the EFA.

Further monitoring studies are planned to support improvement in energy performance, operating costs and carbon emissions outcomes.
Sunesis delivers significant benefits through the standardisation of products, detailing and the integration of a well-selected range of offsite technologies. Key to our approach is closer working relationships with our manufacturers, who, like us, are committed to continuous improvement.

Willmott Dixon and our offsite construction partners have successfully delivered over £110m of new facilities to private and public sector clients in the past 6 years. That's over 9,500 new school places.

Sunesis is committed to continually pre-engineering and improving its models through continuous learning and greater engagement of our offsite manufacturing partners.