QED Sustainable Urban Developments - Meath Court, Hope Gardens

Project Details

Project - Meath Court, Hope Gardens
Sector - Residential
Technology - Volumetric
Company - QED Sustainable Urban Developments

Project Overview

Ealing Council has 2242 households in temporary accommodation and a steady decline in the availability of suitable options. Hope Gardens was previously an underused brownfield site in Ealing which has been identified for long term redevelopment.

OSM volumetric accommodation units enabled a meanwhile strategy to bring the land back into productive use and provide much needed temporary accommodation for the Council - accommodation which wouldn't have been feasible to provide through traditional construction.

QED Sustainable Urban Developments was granted a 7-year planning consent for Meath Court the UK's largest temporary accommodation scheme built using volumetric units. Homing nearly 290 homeless people in Ealing, Meath Court was built using a kit of moveable and reusable parts based on shipping containers.

Using volumetric units meant that Meath Court could be constructed in 24 weeks, whereas traditional construction of a similar scheme would have taken at least 52 weeks and compromised the long-term redevelopment of the area. At the end of the planning consent the units will be deconstructed and removed allowing the long term redevelopment plans for Hope Gardens to be realised.