Pre-Assembled Frames - EOS

Project Details

Project - Pre-Assembled Frames

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Steel

Company - EOS

Project Overview

EOS specialise in advanced light steel framing technologies. Our objective is to take the construction industry forward by pioneering a new certified systems approach. We are committed to technical competence and as part of Etex, have some of the best building performance experts in the UK on our team. We believe material providers should have full-scale testing regimes that study the performance of products working together to see how they interact in ‘real’ circumstances, like under fire conditions or when exposed to wind and rain.

Our research and perspective interviews confirm a lack of performance testing is a major concern. EOS has taken factory prefabrication and preassembly to another level. Rigorously tested, our custom-manufactured Pre-Assembled Frames (PAF) provide confidence and certainty together with eliminating risk. Delivering crucial cost and  time benefits making programme savings of up to 30%, the PAF non-loadbearing infill systems for steel or concrete mainframes offers 60-minute fire resistance and provide a 30-year product and performance Etex warranty.

Our Pre-Assembled Frames get the system performance right through the combination of:

LIGHT STEEL FRAME Our fully engineered light steel frame PAF infill systems are custom designed according to the height of the infill wall, weight of the cladding, wind load and preassembled under ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems and ISO14001:2015 environmental management standards.

EXTERNAL SHEATHING With two BBA Certificates, Siniat Weather Defence™ is a revolutionary external sheathing board faced with water repellent material for superior weather protection which can be left exposed on site for up to 12 months. Euroclass A1 fully non-combustible, Weather Defence™ is suitable for buildings over 18 metres and complies with BS EN 15283 Type GM-H1, GM-I and GM-F.

INTERNAL WALL LININGS Depending on the performance criteria, an appropriate Siniat internal wall lining can be selected to provide enhanced levels of sound insulation, fire, moisture, impact or vapour resistance. The minimum requirement is for x2 12.5mm GTEC dB Boards within the PAF system.

INSULATION Etex specify the use of glass mineral wool at a minimum thickness of 100mm, λ0.035 within the studs and rock mineral wool within the head deflection detail of the panel.