Project Details

Project - UK Battery Industrialisation Centre

Sector - Residential

Technology - Offsite

Company - NG Bailey Group

Project Overview

The UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) is a pioneering concept in the race to develop battery technology for the transition to a greener future. The ground-breaking 200,000 sq ft facility is the UK’s first Battery Industrialisation centre and enables organisations in the UK to prove whether their promising technologies can be manufactured at the required volume, speed, performance and cost to be commercially successful. NG Bailey’s £18m installation for UKBIC was made up of a logistics area, process area, testing facility, two-storey office facility and numerous plant mezzanine levels. The installation was delivered using innovative offsite techniques which were the first of their kind and included 140 prefabricated modules which were completed in just under seven months. In addition to this, the first-floor office was handed over after just six months of commencement on site. Other solutions delivered using offsite construction techniques included the production of horizontal multi-service modules, which enabled rapid installation, and innovative space-saving solutions including a multi-service bridge structure that reduced the amount of space needed to house essential services and maximised useful production areas.