New Model Compliance Review (MCR) Initiative - Mid Group

Project Details

Project - New Model Compliance Review (MCR) Initiative

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Components

Company - Mid Group

Project Overview

Our new Model Compliance Review (MCR) initiative was created to address a time consuming and underperforming model checking process. The improved process transforms model quality to make the BIM model the single source of truth. The foundational principles of any new digital process at Mid Group are:

• It must be scalable for all our projects and teams

• It should be automated as much as possible

• Knowledge and data must be shared and available to all

• Our partners must be engaged throughout implementation of the new approach

We selected model viewing platform 3D Repo as it allows automatic data export into PowerBI via open APIs. Also, the ‘smart groups’ feature allows BIM model meta data to be interrogated via flexible rules. Our in-house BIM team produced rules to assess the model quality. We collaborated with 3D Repo to update “smart groups” to enable upload of rules on all projects into 3D Repo, showing and sharing results instantly.

We use the open API to automatically generate model compliance reports which summarise model quality and are shared with the team. The new process has been shared with our supply chain prior to full roll out, to support and advise our teams on the process and the detail of the rules. The time to review models has gone from 3-4 hours to 30 minutes. We received and reviewed 443 models in the year to May 2022, saving over 1,500 hours of manual checking and improving our process and the quality of our BIM models in much shorter timeframes. We are also now able to measure data, such as embodied carbon for A1-A5 values, directly from models.

Now, instead of working with spreadsheets and doing manual calculations and checks, everything is automatic. This passive validation is essential to improving efficiency and streamlining operations. In addition, it validates deliverablesand makes everyone more accountable, which leads to better working. Better quality data is the backbone to delivering projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standard. The MCR has substantially enhanced our capabilities.