Net Zero Buildings - SchoolHaus

Project Details


Project - SchoolHaus  
Sector -  Education 
Technology - SIPS, Volumetric
Company - Net Zero Buildings

Project Overview

Net Zero Buildings design and construct the UK’s most energy efficient school buildings using Structural Insulated Panel technology. ‘Schoolhaus’, our own proprietary design which we build offsite with volumetric cores at our Newmarket facility. Schoolhaus run at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions; generating clean energy and revenue through integrated renewable energy sources.

Redmoor Academy is a secondary academy in Hinckley, Leicestershire. The goal of the project was to address an oversubscribed secondary academy which needed to expand its capacity. The academy turned to Schoolhaus for their solution; increasing their capacity, and allowing energy savings.

Thanks to Schoolhaus’ ultra-efficient SIP design and the solar energy generated from its roof. And their status as the UK’s most energy efficient school buildings.

A two-storey, ultra-energy efficient, Schoolhaus building. It now houses the maths department, business studies, CEIAG programme and enterprise initiatives – across 8 brand new classrooms.

Schoolhaus is an appealing solution for schools with its rapid delivery, funding options, and minimal ongoing utilities and maintenance costs, in addition to the energy generation from its solar PV roof.

Aesthetically appealing, cost efficient and environmentally sound, the students and staff at Redmoor Academy have been enjoying the many benefits of their new Business and Enterprise Centre since January 2017. Redmoor Academy had limited capital budgets for new or replacement buildings, but needed to expand; the Schoolhaus was funded by Net Zero Buildings on a 7-year operating lease.

Net Zero Buildings delivered a net zero SIP building with an A+ EPC (-10). Making this building for its size, 655 m2, one of the most energy efficient education buildings in the country.

  • Gross External Area: 655 m²
  • EPC rating: A+ (-10)
  • Annual solar PV yield: 32,680 kWh
  • Carbon emissions rating: -5.4 kg/m² per annum
  • Energy cost avoided per year: £5,293

“I would like to thank Net Zero Buildings who have been incredibly professional. We really appreciate the way you have worked with us, especially inviting our students to the factory and helping to get the building open on time.” – Andrew Coombs, Principal, Redmoor Academy

On Thursday 17 November 2016, the Principal, Operations Manager and 15 students from Redmoor Academy came to see their new Enterprise Centre being built up-close, off-site. The pupils were given an engaging presentation from Net Zero Buildings, which explained what net zero buildings are, advice on how to get into careers in construction, what climate change is and how net zero buildings can help to slow it.

Along with the presentation, the students got the chance to see a mini-Schoolhaus being built in front of their very eyes. As well as getting a chance to see their future building up close, they each signed a length of cedar which was fitted into their future Enterprise centre as they watched on.

“You cannot put a value on this type of activity, you cannot measure the outcomes of it. But it goes without saying that events like this can be life-changing. To see that glimmer of excitement when a student links a recent lesson to what is in front of them is truly rewarding. To see them consider that they too could get involved in this type of industry – it is extracurricular learning at its best.” – Andrew Coombs

“It would be very easy to facilitate the development of the Redmoor site without involving the students but, from the outset, we were keen to ensure that they were given every opportunity to have an input into this exciting project. For them to be able to see the different personnel working behind the scenes to deliver their new building is a powerful learning tool and hopefully the students on this trip have been inspired by the innumerable career opportunities that are involved in designing and constructing this innovative building.” – Jo Cox, Operations Manager, Redmoor Academy


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