Modulhaus Duo The Next Generation - Volumetric

Project Details

Project - Modulhaus Duo The Next Generation

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Volumetric

Company - Volumetric

Project Overview

Following the success of the single person MODULHAUS™ homeless solution – VOLUMETRIC™, the company behind this achievement, has explored new markets and applications. With housing prices on the increase and rents on the rise coupled with exponential growth in energy costs – for many keyworkers owning or renting a home is extremely challenging. VOLUMETRIC’s research has shown that one of the biggest obstacles currently facing the NHS as defined in their long-term plan, is the gap in workforce numbers as recruitment and retention declines. Based on current trends, the total shortfall of healthcare staff by 2030 could reach 250,000. Much of this can be attributed to a lack of accommodation in areas of greatest need.

MODULHAUS™ DUO two-person interim homes offer an alternative to ongoing hotel and long-distance travel expenses. Solving the issues of accommodation scarcity in understaffed areas and supplying safe, secure housing for keyworker requirements. Adaptable and secure, MODULHAUS™ DUO can be installed on NHS sites to create high quality onthe- spot overnight accommodation. Stackable accommodation modules make the most of unused space and can be located on an elevated podium above car parks.

Arriving 100% complete modules are provided on a turnkey basis ready for simple site connection and commissioning. MODULHAUS™ sits on six low-impact foundation pads to minimise groundworks. Design features include extended ergonomic internal living space with open plan accommodation and fully fitted kitchens, furnishings, bedrooms, shower-rooms and underfloor heating. The specification has been evaluated with internal fittings and kitchen units upgraded to create an efficient and stylish living space.

Full ovens now come as standard, along with upgraded internal doors and fan lights to increase natural light throughout. Facilitating off grid living, the revolutionary Energy Centre, designed and developed by VOLUMETRIC™ – meets the energy requirements of up to six modules. Containing an Air Source Heat Pump and a battery storage unit, this intelligent technology is digitally connected to each module and the 10m2 photovoltaic (PV) ‘roof rack’ above – instantly responding to demands for hot water, heating and energy requirements.

Although modules have mains connection, the Energy Centre can meet demands at most times of the year as energy generated during the day is stored in battery cells until required. Surplus energy goes back into the grid, carbon offsetting – creating ‘free’ energy and Net Zero living. NHS Estate Managers are now turning to  MODULHAUS™ as a rapid, reliable, and highly cost-efficient interim housing solution.