Mid Group

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Project - Mid Group

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Offsite

Company - Mid Group

Project Overview

Mid Group was established in 2015 to be an offsite contractor, since then the business has rapidly grown to an order book today of over £250m. The business is now recognised as a key player in the offsite industry and engaged by Government, academia and clients on that basis.

Mid Group sits on the Construction Innovation Hub as a key integrator for offsite solutions, pushing the industry forward at a time where innovation is key. Mid Group engages with the University of Cambridge on the use of offsite and was a major supporter on its recent publication, Quantifying the Benefits of Offsite.

The Mid Group is delivering some ground breaking projects, including the Black & White Building, an all timber building in the City of London and the Bath Road, Bristol residential scheme, sat on the banks of the River Avon and delivered in precast concrete. We have also just completed the largest school in Europe, with over 4,000 pupils. These are projects any contractor would welcome in their portfolio.

We have maintained profitability and increased productivity throughout, with turnover of over £1m per employee, well in excess of market norms. As a net zero carbon business we focus on sustainability, with offsite a key enabler.

Find further information on Mid Group on their website: www.mid-group.co.uk