Melius Homes - Net Zero Energy Retrofit

Project Details

Project - Net Zero Energy Retrofit

Sector - Residential 

Technology - Offsite  

Company - Melius Homes

Project Overview

Melius Homes is the first company in the UK to use offsite manufacture (OSM) to transform existing homes and deliver net zero energy retrofit, following the Energiesprong approach.

The use of OSM for net zero whole house retrofit offers huge market potential, as well as addressing the urgent need to improve existing housing stock and reduce carbon emissions from domestic heating. Studies funded by Innovate UK as part of the "Refurbishment as a Manufacturing Industry" project identified 9.3 million UK homes as suitable for off-site manufactured net-zero energy retrofit solutions, of which 2.1 million are in social ownership.

Using OSM structural wall and roof panels to transform occupied homes presents many challenges not typically found with new build applications, including the logistics of working within densely built up communities and the need for accurate 3D survey data of existing structures and features. Melius Homes, in conjunction with Energiesprong UK, is addressing these challenges to hone the approach to using MMC to deliver fast, affordable, and desirable net zero whole house retrofit, and realise the market potential.

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