Mawsonkerr Architects - Sunbeams Music Centre

Project Details

Project - Sunbeams Music Centre
Sector - Leisure
Technology - Timber Frame
Company - Mawsonkerr Architects

Project Overview

To provide a sustainable legacy for people with disabilities…' the client's mantra driving the Sunbeams Music Centre - a bespoke music therapy facility designed specifically for the users who are generally disadvantaged members of society. Sunbeams Music Trust is a charity who has for 25 years delivered transformational therapy around various dilapidated spaces in the North West of England and now has a sustainably designed centre which caters to their exacting needs.

The centre designed as a student project twelve years ago has been a marathon journey for all involved in generating funding and developing the complex acoustically sensitive timber structure. Based around Steiner Principles to give the optimum conditions for therapy the building is imagined as a piece of architectural music in the landscape, the landscape being the Lake District.

Timber is the primary materials used; specified in various forms from structure, cladding and furniture - all to the highest quality and in bespoke forms throughout. The materials utilised all have a resonance with contextual environment, this applies naturally with the timber used within the project.