Project Details

Project - Introduction Of Remotely Controlled Mini-Cranes In Late 2020

Sector - Commercial 

Technology - Offsite

Company - Masonry Frame Systems

Project Overview

NEW OR OLD PRODUCT - NEW INVENTION. UK BUILDING REGS, H&S, INTEG ROLE, SPEC TO OFFSITE, REAL VALUE The introduction of the remote controlled models in 2020 enables our core teams of two to work more productively and naturally socially distanced. The labour light approach also helps to address the UK skills shortage as well as delivering 200% faster than traditional build methods. Use of mini-cranes radically reduces manual handling and eliminates repetitive heavy lifting. This results in less fatigue, less risk and less dependency on physical fitness in the workforce. As well and the enhanced H&S and wellbeing advantages it also fosters diversity, as this way of working is less dependent on physical strength and fitness so is open to either sex and workers at any stage of their career in construction. The large format blocks, positioned with the mini-cranes are all manufactured and cut to size off-site, resulting in no harmful dust onsite and with zero waste to landfill. The benefits of this offsite ‘Manufacture Led’ technology would not be possible without the mini cranes to assemble these large scale components once on site. VIDEO LINK TO VIEW REMOTE CONTROLLED CRANES IN USE: