Mac Eye Projects - Larch Corner

Project Details

Project - Larch Corner

Sector - Residential

Technology - Timber/Offsite 

Company - Mac Eye Projects

Project Overview

Larch Corner is a timber lover's paradise nestled into the heart of the English countryside. Central to every element of planning and developing this contemporary, cosy and comfortable home was reduction of environmental impact and carbon footprint using Timber & offsite methodologies.

Careful material selection and quality installation have resulted in this being the most airtight residential Passivhaus in the UK and it has been calculated that the choice of all timber construction over traditional masonry resulted in an overall reduction in embodied Carbon of 40%.

Larch Corner is a project that goes above and beyond the standards. We believe this project demonstrates unequivocally, how offsite construction using solid timber can result in superior building performance and energy efficiency and that it sets the standards for similar builds in the future.

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