L & Q Production Innovation - Client DfMA Roadmap

Project Details

Project - Client DfMA Roadmap

Technology - Dfma/Offsite  

Company - L & Q

Project Overview

As one of the largest developers in the UK, L&Q are in a unique position to pioneer the use of offsite technology within the housing industry, helping to develop national guidelines and benchmarks to assist others in implementing these new ways of operating.

L&Q are doing this through:

• A dedicated Product Innovation Team, whose position allows them to work collaboratively with internal stakeholders and offsite supply chain partners to deliver robust products and solutions.
• A clear and concise 10-year strategy to ensure 100% of developments are using offsite technology by 2025.
• Internal DfMA consultant and MMC/offsite product frameworks with new, collaborative and fair terms of contract, with a focus on delivering high quality, sustainable homes over costs.
• Funding from Innovate UK to develop a toolkit to facilitate the use of MMC and offsite within L&Q schemes and in the wider industry, informing project teams, internal stakeholders and external suppliers on the L&Q product portfolio and their strategy.
• Trialling offsite technologies and new innovations on live sites, to create a national benchmark for data collation and increase the speed, efficiency of build and quality of homes across the sector.

Find further information on L & Q on their website: www.lqgroup.org.uk