Kier - New Build Prison at Wellingborough

Project Details

Project - New Build Prison at Wellingborough

Sector - Commerical

Technology - Offsite

Company - Kier

Project Overview

At the £253m new build resettlement prison in Wellingborough, Kier has set a new standard for excellence for integration, collaborative working, product innovation, skills and training, and pioneering approach to offsite manufacture and digital technologies.

This vast project is delivering 1,680 prison places and Kier is driving a manufacturing mindset, acting as project 'integrator' to bring together a diverse team to use a platform design approach. Each partner has worked single-mindedly from day one to create a high-performing team with shared objectives and values.

The project makes extensive use of offsite, incorporating 60,000 repeatable, standardised components and assemblies, utilising three precast suppliers; Bison, FP McCann and Banagher in a total of six different factories across the UK, as well as specialist contractor PCE. The immense scope of work demands very close collaboration between all parties.

Wellingborough is a perfect storm for digital and DfMA advancement, the results have been considerable and diverse, and Kier is using Wellingborough at every opportunity as a platform to educate, train and inspire. Not only this, the project has left a legacy that will transform the way the MoJ deliver future prisons.

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