Ideal Modular Homes - Bespoke Volumetric Manufacturing System

Project Details

Project - Bespoke Volumetric Manufacturing System

Sector - Residential

Technology - BIM/Offsite  

Company - Ideal Modular Homes   

Project Overview

Ideal Modular Homes is a key competitor within the UK modular housing industry. Luke Barnes, CEO and founder, invested in a bespoke volumetric manufacturing system to develop innovative building techniques of exceptional quality and design. Ideal's volumetric manufacturing system operates faster production times (in comparison to conventional methods) to meet growing housing needs.

Our bespoke manufacturing process can produce a home within just 4 days and installed within 8 hours. The BOPAS-accredited and fully mortgageable system improves performance through greater productivity and maximum efficiency by reducing construction time by 50%.

Ideal operates a paperless factory where all information is communicated through their bespoke digital system. The digital process is maintained throughout Design - Manufacture - Install and is available at client sign-off. This transparent system allows collaboration with external industry professionals, supply chain and clients. This bespoke volumetric manufacturing system, combined with the successful utilisation of BIM, has created an unrivalled system for collaborative home-building based on sustainability, speed, quality, value and style.

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