Project Details

Project - Dinton Activity Centre & Addington SEN School Sixth Form

Sector - Education

Technology - Offsite

Company - HLM Architects

Project Overview

For over twenty years, HLM Architects has designed and been involved in the successful delivery of many projects which utilise Offsite MMC construction across multiple sectors. Just two of the projects that have been structurally completed since January 2020 are the Dinton Activity Centre and Addington SEN sixth form building. Our submission for Architect of the Year illustrates how Offsite and MMC are embedded into our architectural approach and demonstrates not only some of the clear advantages that Offsite can bring to construction projects - including speed of delivery, improved quality, enhanced safety, and financial efficiency - but also that creativity need not be hampered by Offsite/MMC. We have produced award-winning digital technology to provide tools that are used from the very earliest briefing stage through to post occupancy evaluation to help our designers to collaborate with stakeholders to hone designs that delight our clients and users of the architecture we create. The projects demonstrate not only that Offsite and aesthetics can be complementary but also how Offsite can be adopted to produce well-functioning, environmentally sustainable architecture that has great benefits for clients and wider communities.