Project Details

Project - Morgan Experience Centre

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Offsite Timber

Company - Hewitt Studios

Project Overview

Hewitt Studios were invited by the Morgan Motor Company to reimagine their ageing Cafe, Museum and Showroom spaces as an exciting new visitor Experience Centre. Our solution had a strong focus on sustainability - a series of low-carbon interventions designed to improve building thermal performance, increase natural daylight, reduce energy consumption, reduce surface water run-off and provide for end-of-life recycling of materials. These interventions all utilise the same inexpensive, offsite timber technology (Kerto LVL), which has been manipulated to achieve a variety of outcomes. - The Jewel Box is a simple rectilinear space with a restrained goal-post form to ensure that ‘the car is the star'. - The entrance canopy uses the same approach, but each bay is twisted in turn to create a soft, organic form reminiscent of a Morgan's rear wing. - Finally, the external car canopy is the most expressive evolution of this technique. Gently undulating across its length the canopy evokes the rolling topography of the Malvern Hills. This strategy of using a single conventional product in a number of unconventional ways delivers terrific value, creating the impression of an expensive bespoke outcome using stock timber sections.