Hadley Steel Framing & Saint-Gobain: Edgware Road, London

Project Details

Project - Edgware Road, London
Sector - Residential
Technology - Steel
Company - Hadley Steel Framing & Saint-Gobain

Project Overview

A partnership between two market leading companies has resulted in more than a new steel frame system - it's shown how collaboration and technology can help modernise the construction industry and improve efficiencies. Hadley Steel Framing and Saint-Gobain collaborated to produce a portfolio of through wall, steel frame systems that offer flexibility, high performance and peace of mind for residential building projects.

The steel frame systems have
• multiple façade options and performance levels, offering flexibility
• reduced installation time thanks to an engineered offsite approach
• one main point of contact, reducing the time and stress of project management

A project to convert 30, three-storey town houses on Edgware Road, London from traditional build to the steel frame system shows how efficient the system and building method is.

Over 700 tonnes of cold-rolled steels and 80 tonnes of hot-rolled steels were used for the building, which covers a floor print of 19507m2. The system was designed using BIM modelling to the highest possible level of accuracy and to minimise waste. Careful planning, use of technology and offsite construction method meant onsite labour, transport and tool time and costs were kept to a minimum.