Gaetana Residential Development In Madrid - Aedas Homes

Project Details

Project - Gaetana Residential Development In Madrid

Sector - Residential

Technology - Components

Company - Aedas Homes

Project Overview:

Gaetana, an architecturally-stunning, 11-unit single-family offsite development near Madrid, features open-plan living spaces designed for comfort and functionality and high-quality, minimalist finishes that appeal to discerning home buyers. By employing 3D volumetric precast concrete modular technology, AEDAS Homes, a leading homebuilder in Spain, has delivered this factory-built development much faster than traditionally-built similar developments, with no cost deviation.

AEDAS Homes, one of Spain’s leading listed homebuilders with headquarters in Madrid, presents Gaetana for consideration for the International Offsite Project of the Year. Gaetana is a high-end, fully modular development in Torrejón de Ardoz, located 20 minutes east of Madrid. It is Phase One of a five-phase, 53-unit offsite development. The development, which was delivered to customers starting in late 2021, is comprised of 11 contemporary single-family terraced homes, with a total of 66 3D volumetric precast concrete modules.

Designed by Ortiz León Architects, a noted Spanish architecture firm with a strong interest in industrialised construction, the development features below-ground parking with EV charging, private pools and gardens, and adheres to strict energyefficiency specifications, with an “A” rating. The total GDV for the project is €5.04 million, with an average selling price of €458K per unit. Strategic partnership For the fabrication of the modules, AEDAS Homes formed a strategic alliance with Homm, an experienced manufacturer well-versed in DfMA technologies with decades of experience producing prefab concrete transformer substations.

To date, Homm has produced 5 developments (73 units) for AEDAS Homes, with 4 more (104 units) in the pipeline. The 66 modules that comprise Gaetana were produced and fitted out at Homm’s purpose-built facility in Toledo, then delivered to the site. Floorplan and façade Each unit in Gaetana is comprised of 6 precast concrete modules (installed above-ground) and has an avg floor area of 223 sqm on 3 levels (basement, ground floor and first floor). The spacious family homes are designed around an open-plan concept, with 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. The homes have architectural concrete facades, designed in consultation with Homm and optimised for quality and durability, as
well for reducing materials and labour costs.

Timeframe Module production began shortly after below-ground works commenced. It took 3 months to manufacture all 66 modules (5.5 modules per week). Then the 66 modules were craned into place over a 3-month period while below-ground works continued. Above-ground urbanisation works, finishing works on internal fitting out and MEP
testing took additional time. Total build and installation time was 11 months, from breaking ground in Dec 2020 to final works reception in Nov 2021. Delivery started in Dec  2021.