Fast Trak - Gripple

Project Details

Project - Fast Trak

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Component

Company - Gripple

Project Overview

A true innovation is something that challenges the status quo and provides a tangible benefit – so let us introduce the new Fast Trak. Fast Trak is an innovative suspension system designed and manufactured by UK based Gripple. Designed to address the challenges experienced by contractors during the installation of MEP services using the only other solution available, threaded rod, Fast Trak continues to make a significant impact in reducing time and labour costs whilst increasing safety on projects across the world.

As a pioneering business we are continually looking to evolve our products to address the changing needs of modern methods of construction hence the launch of a new version of Fast Trak, in June 2021, which has already proved its worth on a number of projects in the UK, Europe and the USA. The Gripple approach to innovation is to always create added-value solutions with an emphasis on delivering inimitable labour savings and reductions in embodied CO2 while significantly improving health and safety.

We also like to challenge convention which also means researching our existing product range and developing innovations to ensure it continues to exceed future industry needs. Customer consultations, plus R&D findings showed there was an opportunity to further increase the speed and ease of MEP suspension system installations and their compatibility with additional accessories and clips. Through onsite installation analysis and an indepth look at offsite manufacturing capabilities and processes, the new  revolutionary Fast Trak system was launched and immediately came into its own providing even more benefits to contractors and installers.

This new prefabricated system takes away the stress and mess of having to construct onsite whilst reducing time, costs and CO2 thanks to the majority of work taking place offsite. Further enhancements to the manufacturing process, assembly and packaging have significantly increased the benefits of using Fast Trak suspension system compared with the alternative - a threaded rod system.