Farrells Architects - Royal Albert Dock

Project Details

Project - Royal Albert Dock

Sector - Commercial

Technology - BIM/Digital

Company - Farrells Architects

Project Overview

The Royal Albert Dock is a 700, 000 sq.ft. commercially-led development, where the majority of built elements were manufactured off-site. Modelling technologies were utilised from detail to delivery, with the 21 buildings of the first phase successfully delivered to BIM level 2. All panels were assembled and rationalised in 3D, with the construction-stage cladding package extrapolated from model format to facilitate the façade contractor's manufacturing process.

The cladding panels were all assembled off-site, with most delivered complete with glazing ready-installed. This system enabled up to 18 panels to be installed per day, equivalent to approximately one unit floor, facilitating an efficient 98-week delivery programme, which was successfully achieved on time and on budget.

The client's vision was to create a new commercial district for London, using a derelict royal dockland site as a springboard for international and home-grown business. The key to quickly unlocking this vast area of land was modular construction, which enabled quality brick buildings to assemble with a production-line efficiency, and allowing the client to commence fit-out and marketing around six months sooner than with an equivalent traditional build.

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