Ergodomus Timber Engineering - The UniHouse Connector

Project Details

Project - The UniHouse Connector

Sector - Residential

Technology - Offsite  

Company - Ergodomus Timber Engineering

Project Overview

Modular construction is an increasingly international industry with collaborating project partners & the manufacture of component parts often coming from a variety of different countries. As the market grows, so too will be the need for greater standardisation of building elements that have been developed & tested to meet the relevant standards and building codes in different parts of the globe.

As modular construction is taken to ever-greater heights, new methods & parts are necessary to deliver the key benefits of this methodology: precision offsite manufacture, speed & accuracy of onsite assembly & long term durability. Fundamental to the delivery of each of these conditions is the quality of the connection design & detailing between modular units & the structural core to which they are attached. This application relates to the development & production of a unique & highly innovative steel connector capable of carrying & transferring the loads from seven storeys of individual modules to the building's foundations.

A group of four modular towers in Trondheim, Norway demonstrate the solution's efficacy, designed and developed by Ergodomus Timber Engineers and Unihouse, the pre-eminent Polish manufacturer of housing modules.

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