EOS Facades - The Brodick Ferry Terminal

Project Details

Project - The Brodick Ferry Terminal
Sector - Commercial
Technology - Steel
Company - EOS Facades

Project Overview

The £18m Brodick Ferry Terminal on the Isle of Arran, enhances connectivity and ultimately tourism, between the mainland and the remote island. The development includes additional parking and a new pier which facilitates the arrival of a new class of 100m long vessels to be introduced by Spring 2018.

The adverse weather and the ground conditions presented major challenges for the design and construction teams. Built on solid rock, traditional foundations and construction methods were not an option - offsite technology offered the only viable solution.

The robust steel framing system, designed, manufactured and supplied by EOS Facades, is strong, resilient and developed to deal with the increased wind loads of the island location, whilst remaining a highly efficient solution. All elements were BIM modelled to Level 2 with manufacturing data taken direct from the EOS 3D BIM model, designed and engineered to provide the most cost-effective solution.

This striking ferry terminal demonstrates the immense capabilities of efficient offsite construction methods. EOS were able to meet the tight deadline with a rapid and robust predominantly offsite system, which provided the optimum solution to deliver this challenging project.