Project Details

Project - Pig Patch House

Sector - Residential

Technology - CLT

Company - Envirograf

Project Overview

Conventional homes across the UK are typically constructed using bricks, mortar, and concrete. However, the rise of the use of sustainable, ecological materials has led to an increase of Passivhaus structures inspired by Scandanavian architecture, predominantly created using modern timber materials. The gradual growth of energy-efficient homes contributes towards reducing carbon footprint, whilst also offering improved thermal insulation and air performance. Pig Patch House is a bespoke, sustainable home manufactured entirely in CLT material. The Homeowners required approval from Building Control Officers to ensure that Surface Spread of Flame was controlled and compliant with Document B of Building Regulations. Envirograf was appointed to supply a coalescence of fire-resistant paints to create a fire protective layer onto the surface of CLT substrates internally. Our fire-resistant paints are manufactured with intumescent, a substance that expands when attacked by flames to prevent the rapid spread of fire. A combination of primer coating paired with an intumescent (HW02N) coat and final Enviro Clear topcoat created a fireproof layer to preserve the integrity of the cross-laminated timber and also prevent fire damage.