Elephant Park - Alternative Heat

Project Details

Project - 222NR. DFMA Fully Integrated MEP Prefabricated Utility Cupboards - Elephant Park

Sector - Residential

Technology - MEP & POD Technology

Company - Alternative Heat

Project Overview:

Design and prefabrication of 222Nr.PUCs, providing a high-quality, DFMA solution which minimised programme, on-site installation works and production costs.  Prefabrication included full 2nd fix including recessed electrics, plug & play external M&E connections, pre-fitted bunded floor and FSC interior panelling and worktops. PUC full load deliveries were tailored to site programme, with units craned and positioned via AH designed lifting eyes and removable PUC stabilisers and caster wheels.

Rather than being employed solely as a fabrication company, were involved in the project from stage 3 design process and worked closely with main contractor, architect and project M&E consultants to co-ordinate with the site wide MEP services. Through in-house BIM modelling, AH were able to design and standardise the PUC solutions in line with the MEP services and plant schedules.

Incorporating our prefab solution into the site wide BIM model enabled us to integrate in line with the apartment GAs and MEP services to include SVP locations for the PUC’s. Utilising a full in-house design team, AH also undertook total design responsibility in relation to structural loading and lifting calculations of all frames, along with M&E schematics setting out drawings and GAs for PUCs. Conducting all design development inhouse enabled AH to share real time design information through a shared CDE for approval and sign off. AH also incorporated all in-house design into site wide setting out detail and the site wide BIM model.

Through innovative design development AH successfully delivered high quality design, build and delivery to include:

- 1No. standardised modular frame design and M&E configuration with LH and RH layouts enabling significant DFMA led cost and build programme efficiencies.

- Full 2nd fix M&E installation including recessed and engraved  electrics with prepopulated consumer unit and full mechanical installation including all service and waste connections, bonding, and insulation

- Plug & play M&E connections to unit top for ease of onsite installation

- Stepped back frame design to accommodate location of SVP and incoming services whilst maximising space utilisation.

- Use of adjustable feet and soffit brackets to enable precise, secure, and speedy on-site fixing and height adjustment.

- Pre-finished interior with FSC certified, melamine faced panelling utility worktop, 18 mm ceiling and wall panels with integrated service access panels.

- Pre-finished maintenance free, fully bunded vinyl flooring

- Reusable safety stabiliser feet incorporating caster wheels and integrated lifting points enabling quick and safe site positioning, with direct crane lifting and two operative final positioning

-Comprehensive 6 stage QA process and off-site testing ensuring no on-site snagging programme required.

The above enabled a shorter programme duration, reducing, and controlling costs, whilst reducing site traffic and labour, also minimising onsite inefficiencies and onsite H&S risks including associated restrictions placed by Covid-19 safe working practices. Environmental impact was minimised with 98% recycling rate at source, full load only  deliveries and energy offset via by a company owned 150kWe wind turbine.