Education and Skills Funding Agency - Modular Frameworks

Project Details

Project - Modular Frameworks
Sector - Education
Technology - Volumetric
Company - Education and Skills Funding Agency

Project Overview

Winner of 2018 Offsite Awards - Client of the Year

Since 2013 the ESFA have built new schools, rebuilt and refurbished existing schools or blocks, some 500 in total. Over the last 3 years, in line with the recommendations of the Farmer Report, we have focused much of our efforts on delivering better, quicker, cheaper schools.

Whilst undertaking significant work in developing and delivering the new Contractors Framework for schools (approx. £1b), we have set up a separate team to focus on the creation of an off-site solution, engaging with the manufacturing sector and the delivery of three separate procurements of around £500m in total.

These are all based on a standardised approach, predominantly manufactured off-site, fully compliant and delivering best value. Many of these are being delivered by manufacturers new to the ESFA who are able to compete due to the approach of and guidance provided by the ESFA through its design guidance information and thorough engagement process prior to and during procurement and during delivery.

Other risks to the delivery of the school rebuilding programme include;