Department for Education MMC Team - The DfE New £3bn Offsite Framework for School Buildings (MMC1)

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Project Details

Project - The DfE New £3bn Offsite Framework for School Buildings (MMC1)

Sector - Education

Technology - MMC

Company - Department for Education MMC Team

Project Overview

The DfE has continually demonstrated its commitment to be a champion for offsite construction across Government with a long-term aim to increase the use of offsite construction and transition towards a DfMA approach. To date the DfE has built 103 schools using offsite construction, worth £750M using 7 different frameworks, with a further £750m currently in the pipeline.

The DfE's new £3bn MMC1 framework demonstrates a huge commitment to offsite and incorporates the next stage in design enhancements for standardisation and offsite construction. This has generated significant market interest from offsite contractors and tier one contractors.

The DfE now also has a suite of standardised solutions for Primary, Secondary and SEND schools that contractors would use to deliver component-based solutions on a standardised template design approach. These designs meet DfE requirements and are flexible to meet the needs of specific sites. The framework also allows for a variety of offsite typologies to be used including modular volumetric, panelised, or componentised integrator techniques. This enable the DfE to capture data on the performance of each method to inform the design of future frameworks.

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