Critical Cooling DFMA Distribution System - Altenative Heat

Project Details

Project - Critical Cooling DFMA Distribution System

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Components

Company - Alternative Heat

Project Overview

This project involved the development of a new build data centre with a rapid and rigid programme duration, on a compact site, within an established urban area and with restricted access and site compound/storage capacity. Client engagement led to design development focused on the following key objectives: Maximise scope of works  removed from site, minimising on-site works requirement, simplifying onsite HSEQ, and aiding on-site ability to comply with local Covid-19 guidance. Condense design & build programme for off-site works reducing overall programme Optimise product design, layout, and component selection to streamline ongoing maintenance, extend product life span and minimise potential for terminal failures and requirement for system shutdown.

Early-stage design involvement in redesign to accommodate prefabrication and thus maximise scope. Based on these objectives, in-house design and R&D teams reviewed existing specifications, operation philosophies, and BIM model, identifying and analysing potential areas for improvement, to ascertain viability in line with project programme and budget and where applicable, developing design solutions, all shared via a common data environment, enabling real time client review, dramatically reducing
potential for delay and communication errors. The finalised scope consisted of design, prefabrication, delivery and install of 7No. MEP rooftop cooling strings, 21No. buffer & pipework skid modules, 4No. modular plantrooms, rooftop ring main distribution pipework and installation of 7No. risers and lateral distribution across 3 data hall floors. Standardised DFMA design allowed for synergies in design and procurement and facilitated repetitive production line build methods which greatly shortened programme duration, increased cost certainty, and provided a consistent high quality of build and finish.

Fully Galvanized Structural frame with full operational loading structural calculations to ensure even weight distribution on rooftop mounts, weather tolerances, and development of integrated lifting points. Extensive QA, FAT testing and full offsite precommissioning and simulated operational testing enabled extensive trials to be conducted prior to despatch, proving operational capacity, and identifying potential weaknesses to be addressed before despatch to site. This ensured all units were despatched 100% defect free with optimum operational standards, removing need for on-site making good ‘snagging works, and minimising on-site installation and commissioning works. This client has subsequently appointed AH to identify, develop and deliver wider prefab packages for 2No. further new build data centres as a direct result of performance and  outcomes on this project.