Centre for National Resilience - EVO-MEP

Project Details

Project - Centre for National Resilience

Sector - Residential

Technology - Component

Company - EVO-MEP

Project Overview

In November 2021, EVO-MEP were engaged to develop and deliver 960 modules providing State of the Art ventilation solutions to 96 buildings at the Melbourne Centre of National Resilience. The project required 960 modules to be manufactured in just 48 days, with typical deliveries of 20 to 30 modules a day. Whilst all buildings required 10 modules each, there were a total of 10 different building types to allow for varying accommodation combinations (eg. Single, family, etc).

The delivery schedule required that a variety of building types be manufactured each day. This required EVO-MEP’s team to have exceptional DfMA design, planning and project management to ensure the delivery of the right building types on the right days. Additionally, the team had a high attention of detail to supplier coordination of incoming goods such as fans, dampers, ductwork, and standardised components.

The project was completed in mid-December 2021 and the facility opened in February 2022. Our team was rapt when Police Minister Lisa Neville stated in a press  conference on 19 February 2022, “[the facility features] world class ventilation…you can see it from the moon”. The Brisbane Centre for National Resilience required the production of 432 modules to provide ventilation services for 48 buildings. These modules were delivered in 30 days, once again with deliveries of various building types and typically 1-2 buildings a day. The Queensland facility is yet to be opened with construction still underway due to delays caused by floods throughout the area.

Overall, the Centre for National Resilience projects involved the manufacture of 1296 modules over 78 working days. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Victorian Centre for National Resilience is in Melbourne Australia. The facility is situated 40kms north of Melbourne’s CBD and 18kms from Melbourne Airport. It is a purpose-built quarantine facility cabin-style outdoor accommodation providing a safe and functional way of quarantining in Victoria.

The centre has four villages in total, each housing up to 500 residents with a combination of ‘cabins’ capable of accommodating singles, doubles and families. The  Queensland Centre for National Resilience located in Brisbane Australia, just 3km from Brisbane Airport and three hospitals within 10km. The 500-bed facility utilises similar
accommodation to that of the Mickleham facility with different building accommodations to suit varying requirements. Both facilities were constructed to provide relief  accommodation for Australian’s affected by bushfires, floods and other events displacing people from their homes. Future use may also include refugee accommodation.