Caledonian Modular - Leading the Offsite Sector

Project Details

Project - Leading the Offsite Sector

Technology - Offsite   

Company - Caledonian Modular

Project Overview

During the last five years Caledonian has grown into one of the largest specialist off-site manufacturing businesses in the UK. It has achieved this by pioneering ways that modular projects are designed, manufactured and delivered. It is a growth and pace of change that few in any industry would be able to emulate.

The foundations of recent success came about when Caledonian developed a way of consistently, and over a diverse range of projects, supplying modular buildings up to 94 per cent complete before they leave their Newark factory.

At the same time, Caledonian is leading the industry on quality and delivery with investment in BIM, DfMA and lean manufacturing. These are helping raising industry standards across the board, with the entire sector following their lead.

They are determined to continually improve, continually grow and continually drive the message about off-site manufacturing to grow their turnover and change things in the sector.

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