Bromley Council - Zed Pods

Project Details

Project - Zero-Carbon Housing Development In Partnership With Bromley Council

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Steel

Company - Zed Pods

Project Overview

ZED PODS have delivered a sustainable, reliable, economical housing scheme using steel framed volumetric offsite construction methodology. Working closely with Bromley council, we have designed and built this innovative, zero-carbon, social homes above a public car park in Burnt Ash Lane. Using steel as primary structural material, grid-based design & offsite fabrication, we have built superior energy efficient, zero-carbon homes with reduced construction timeframe, higher design flexibility & improved quality than conventional build.

The self-contained, dual aspect, beautifully designed homes, erected on steel podium, retains 80% of original public car parking spaces for local community. This exemplar project will help adoption of MMC to meet London’s housing crisis and UK’s transition to net zero. Winning “hearts and minds” of all stakeholders was crucial - our 2-storey demo unit was showcased at Bromley Civic Centre and brought hundreds of visitors.

This immensely helped to deliver multiple award-winning, sustainable development, the first-of-its-kind in the borough and in London. “Kevin Fenton Mews” will house 25 vulnerable households presently staying in temporary accommodations (like B&Bs). It comprises of 10 x 1 bed and 15 x 2 bed apartments (all space standard compliant) over 2 & 3 storeys across 2 blocks. This includes 6 wheelchair accessible units with dedicated lift arrangement. There are 15 dedicated residential parking spaces, including disabled bays.

The public car park has been upgraded with facilities like additional 5 CCTVs, 15 Electric Vehicle Chargers and 40 cycle storage to make residents adopt sustainable and greener lifestyles. By adhering to Covid-19 guidelines, we managed to complete this project within agreed timeframe. This project demonstrates how steel technology can be designed & built to rapidly deliver high-quality, zero-carbon housing on sites which are impractical to build using conventional systems. It is helping Bromley and other London boroughs to rethink the use of underutilised car parks to build innovative housing solution & address social housing crisis.

The project is a pioneering, environmental and socially focused development, with energy-efficient measures like heat pumps, solar panels, triple glazing. Units are  designed for high energy efficiency & zero-operational-carbon in operation, to secure residents the lowest possible running costs. Offsite fabrication has increased building performance to meet zero carbon standards & negative dwelling emissions rates through “fabric first” approach, lean manufacturing & “zero” factory waste. Over 904  Tonnes of Carbon emissions over 30 years will be saved as compared to standard new builds.