Project Details

Project - Cobalt Hybrid Balcony System

Sector - Residential/Commercial

Technology - Hybrid

Company - Blue Chyp

Project Overview

Innovative, compliant, sustainable; these are the three philosophies at the heart of our design, and the words that instantly come to mind when our clients think of Blue Chyp, and our Cobalt Hybrid balcony system. Thanks to 3 years spent and over £2m invested, we have completely redesigned how balconies are built - changing the face of the construction industry forever. Our unique balcony system, made from aluminium extrusions is manufactured rather than fabricated, has a completely repeatable design, and is CNC cut and controlled. Blue Chyp are able to use the highest-quality materials thanks to the huge savings in assembly and fabrication, and we use patent-pending methods for balustrade and floor fixings, drainage and finishes. Our unique design features interlocking profiles that use recycled aluminium which simply cannot be replicated by older fashioned construction methods, and interlock to give a strong and high-quality product. With both safety and the environment at the forefront of our consciousness, especially in the wake of events like Grenfell and the ambitious plans for London to become a zero carbon city by 2030, we believe that we can lead the construction industry into the future with this innovative design.