Project Details

Project - Hayes Place

Sector - Residential

Technology - Modular

Company - Beattie Passive

Project Overview

Hayes Place is a fully modular development of 18 Haus4studio apartments and one Haus4two, built to provide a high quality, flexible temporary solution to Cardiff Council’s need for immediate housing for homeless people in Cardiff. These new homes surpass building regulations and reach Passivhaus standards, featuring: • Thermal bridge free design ≤0.01 W/(mK) • High thermal efficiency (UValues) o Walls - ≤0.11 W/(m²K) o Roof ≤0.11 W/(m²K) o Ground Floor ≤0.12 W/(m²K) • Air tightness below 1m³/hm²(@50pa) • Triple glazed Passivhaus windows The production line approach to building these standardised units greatly increased the efficiency of the build, and reduced waste and ensured a consistent quality throughout. In addition, the superior standards of Passivhaus results in a more comfortable living environment that stays warm without a conventional heating system, resulting in an 80% reduction in space heating demand. This results in a cost-effective home that has a very low embodied and in use carbon. Importantly, these homes are also completely relocatable, so the client can relocate any or all of these homes as their needs change, providing ultimate flexibility and avoiding more costly construction projects as needs change.