Banagher Precast Concrete - English National Ballet, London City Island

Project Details

Project - English National Ballet, London City Island

Sector - Commerical

Technology - Concrete   

Company - Banagher Precast Concrete

Project Overview

The five-storey, 93,000 sq ft translucent structure located on London City Island is the new home for the English National Ballet (ENB) and it is a shining example of concrete elegance and functionality. Capitilising on the use of offsite manufactured precast concrete and prestressed bridge beams for long span studios were key to realising the design for this sustainable and striking structure. This contemporary building demonstrates and celebrates the raw beauty and idiosyncrasies of exposed concrete finishes in a modern setting.

Without the use of offsite manufactured precast beams the Glen Howell Architects & ENB's design could not have been achieved, by combining traditional construction methods with modern methods of construction the brief for long span studios was made feasible. Precast concrete also offered the added advantages of quick installation, enhanced site safety, low reverberations, lower carbon footprint, enhanced fire resistance and a zero maintenance structure.

Shortlisted for the upcoming Architecture Journal building of the year 2020, the UK Concrete Society Awards and winner of the RICS Social Impact Education Award this structure is quickly joining the ranks of London's most iconic structures.

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