Banagher Precast Concrete - Curragh Racecourse

Project Details

Project - Curragh Racecourse

Sector - Commericial

Technology - BIM   

Company - Banagher Precast Concrete

Project Overview

The Curragh: Where Champions Are Made

This entry is based on the redevelopment of one of the most famous racecourses in the world, The Curragh, Co Kildare. It has been shortlisted for a World Architectural Festival award this year and is the largest capital investment in Irish racing to date. Boasting a new architecturally spectacular grandstand, parade ring and refurbished stable-yard racing recommenced in May 2019.

Grimshaw's design redeveloped the renowned Irish venue with a master plan to provide world-class facilities while respecting the unique landscape that gives the Curragh its identity. Marked out by a soaring linear roof, the new grandstand builds up the anticipation of race day by bringing spectators together in one exemplary viewing terrace that directs attention to the spectacle of jockeys and horses.

The unique grandstand roof measures an impressive 7,000 square metres, and the entire structure contains some 1,400 tonnes of structural steel, 8,900 tonnes of precast concrete (2,162 units) and 4,300 square metres of glazing. All precast was supplied and installed by Banagher Precast Concrete.

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